Mission Bassin Minier | Website

November 2009

What I actually worked on

  • Consulting
  • Management
  • Conception
  • UI Wireframe
  • CSS
  • Integration
  • SEO
  • Training

From 1720 to 1944, when the mining companies were nationalised, many of them shared a resource and land, dividing it into several mining areas. On the eve of World War II, 18 companies were operating. In their concession(s), depending on their deposits, their administrations and their financial powers, they transformed the land. Each has left its own architectural and urban imprint, which today is immediately evident in the exceptional richness of the Nord-Pas de Calais coalfield’s Cultural Landscape. The Nord-Pas de Calais coalfield is registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List as a “Continuing, Organically Evolved Cultural Landscape”. This website has been created with TYPO3 CMS.