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Multi-disciplinary producer, specialized in web and mobile apps, I have worked in creative agencies for the past 7 years. I am professional, efficient and passionate about my work and I love to imagine new interfaces where Design, Code and Content occupy a prominent position in the project. My skills vary from managing a team to developing pitch strategies to building concept prototypes. I enjoy a challenge and problem solving. I am sensitive to Quality.

I am also the creator of ‘On the Hop’, a casual game available on App Store since February 2012.

I am graduated from a famous school of management in the north of France where I received, in 2005, a Master of eBusiness Project Management degree. At school, I was trained by web industry professionals but everything I know today, I learnt it especially during my professional experiences and my personal projects.

I currently work at Capgemini as a Project Manager where we design and build HTML5 applications and native or hybrid mobile applications for major retailers. Please feel free to check out my portfolio or contact me for any further information.

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of experience in Project Management
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I offer you beautiful, useful and efficient web & mobile apps!

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Some facts about me

  • I was a PC but that was a very long time ago,
  • I'd like to adopt a kangaroo,
  • Don't get any coffee on me after 9pm,
  • I like listening to classical music while I am coding
  • I'm currently living in Lille,
  • I'm one of the biggest fan of Seth MacFarlane,
  • I am a big fan of scientist theories
  • Straight talker: if I don't know, I'll tell you and endeavour to find out the answer for you.